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Workplace Dating

By Miriam Sanchez

Workplace dating has steadily increased over the years. According to a recent survey, 35% of U.S. adults have fantasized about a co-worker.

People spend much of their lives at work and end up sharing hobbies and intimacies. Dating co-workers seem safer, especially for many women, because they get time to know each other.
Furthemore, many people share similar education, interests, attitudes, values, and income levels.

Many office dating romances actually improve work performances. They add a certain energy that translates into enhanced morale, creativity and even productivity.

Yet, according to a Gallup poll, people say they are more offended by someone kissing a co-worker than they are by someone stealing from the office or drinking on the job.

Before venturing into workplace dating, check the company policy. If the company has any workplace dating policies, read them carefully. If you violate the policies, you could be subject to disciplinary action that may include termination of employment.

Get to know your co-worker before pursuing a romantic relationship. Make sure she/he's single, not one to kiss and tell, and most importantly, not related to your boss. Girl at the office ...

Never use company email to exchange love notes or anything remotely suggestive. Companies can and do monitor email exchanges. If you must profess your undying affection while at work, use a private web-based email service.

If you become involved with someone, people will find out in many cases. They will be watching your behavior very closely, so act professionally in all work situations.

Workplace dating can turn into long term relationship and marriage. A survey by American Management Association shows that 44 percent of managers who dated someone from work said their relationships led to marriage.

If the relationship ends, however, treat the other person with dignity and respect at all times. Don't discuss the relationship with anyone in or affiliated with the workplace.


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