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Teen Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Teen dating is something that has been going on for centuries. But the fact is that with the birth of the Internet there have been certain problems within this area. The major factor within dating web sites is the one of safety. Unfortunately, it is very well documented that the number of teens who have been taken advantage of online is on the rise. The subject is in fact a very hot topic - but for all the wrong reasons. There have been very recent examples of adults taking advantage of teen dating places, and this has led to abuse, or worse.

This is particularly worrying, however; there are certain affiliated/ safe sites that don't harbour the same concerns. Affiliated/ policed teen dating sites are nothing to be worried about where the site administrators can be trusted.

Once you have established that the teen dating web site is safe then there is nothing to stop your adolescents from enjoying the online facility. It is a great way for teens to chat to other people from all over the world. This not only introduces teens to different cultures, it also helps to build confidence and helps them to make new friends.

If your teen is joining up to a teen dating site you can help them to get their profile looking really great without being too controlling or too much of a 'parent'. This means that you can be sure that they are going to show themselves in the best possible light, and also give you piece of mind reference their safety. Here are some top tips to get you both started...

Writing their profile

It is important that the online profile is written well, but there is a balance between being natural and sounding too prescribed. Just like adults teens can tell when other kids are trying too hard and this of course is seen as very off putting. The tone should be upbeat, snappy and interesting. The length should be brief and the layout should be easy to read. Punctuation, grammar and spelling are also essential to give the best possible impression. If the site doesn't have a spell checker then simply copy and paste the text into a Word package to double check it before you save it to the profile. Of course it goes without saying that there should be no personal information on your teen's profile at all, including address, mobile numbers or home phone numbers.

Selecting the online pictures

It is vitally important that the selected photos for your teen's profile are appropriate. Make sure the pictures aren't too revealing, for example one showing them in a bathing suit on holiday at the beach. It is recommended that the images show your teen doing something interesting, such as doing a hobby, achieving something, or winning an award. This is because the more interesting your teen appears to others, the more likely it is that they will be contacted by other like-minded kids.


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