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Singles Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Singles dating is a term that very simply describes the act of two individuals who have subscribed to the same web site meeting each other for the first time. There are so many websites available in this area now that it proves singles dating to be both a socially acceptable and a very popular way of expanding your social circle and meeting potential new romantic partners.

Singles dating Do's

  • Remember that everyone's doing it!

Being embarrassed or shy about singles dating is a stigma of the past. Singles dating is basically a very effective and cost effective way of saving time when it comes to meeting new people. You don't have to spend time and money dressing up and going out when you can simply search databases at home and email at your leisure.

  • Use your intuition

There may well be situations and scenarios where you're a little unsure about your potential compatibility with your date. If you are feeling a bit hesitant then keep your options open by suggestion a brief date. You could arrange to go for a drink or a coffee before you meet a friend. This means that if things are going well on the date you could always call your 'friend' to cancel, but itís also a great option for a polite 'out'

  • Keep an open mind

Perhaps the person you've made contact with isn't ticking absolutely all of the boxes. But the fact is that if they are interesting enough to have initially captured your attention, and appealing enough for you to communicate with them via email, then maybe it's worth a try. Yes, even if youíre unsure.

Singles dating Don'ts

  • Don't date lots of different people in one week.

This is a very confusing and potentially damaging method of dating. Not only is it very confusing it also has connotations regarding your own personal integrity. It takes time to get to know someone and although first impressions are important they are in no way absolute.

  • Don't forget your manners

If it happens that the date isn't going as well as would like then be nice about it. If things are a bit strained or you find youíre not compatible be gentle in your let down. This can be carefully handled and could well be a relief to both parties - nobody likes uncomfortable silences! If you're not a match find a way of letting them down gently. A friend with a sudden emergency is a great example. But whatever you do, don't run off unless your date has behaved terribly... Why?! Well, just take a second to imagine if someone did that to you!!

  • Don't be fooled

It is very easy to believe what you want to believe. It is very important to go into a singles date with an element of cynicism. Never take everything for face value at first. Unfortunately it is well documented that there are plenty of people out there who may not necessarily have your best interests at heart. Be very careful not to be foxed or hoodwinked, especially if emotions, physical intimacy or money are the focus.


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