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Signs That Women Are Interested

How to tell if women are interested in you

There are signs that you can look for to tell if women are attracted to you. Yes, women show non-verbal flirting signs that flow spontaneously when they're interested.

Body language signs to watch for:

  • Giving you an inviting smile, or smiling when you check out her body.
  • Playing with or tossing her hair. If she's throwing her hair over her shoulder, she wants you to notice her.
  • Pointing in your direction with her leg, foot, or shoulders.
  • Leaning toward you while talking.
  • Fondling a piece of jewelry (an earring, for example) or stroking the stem of her glass (big clue here!).
  • Keeping her eyes locked on you while she talks or drinks.
  • Mirroring your body movements (for example, if you put your hand on the table, she quickly does the same).
  • Touching you. This is one of the most telling signs. when you're out on a date with a woman who likes you, you will notice that in most cases, she will find an excuse to physically touch you in some way during the date.

Signs She's Interested in You If You Meet Online

It is important to know how to interpret signs in those first few e-mails when approaching a new woman.

She is playful in her responses.
If a woman is interested to know you better, she will respond with playful, interactive e-mails. Cool, short responses mean she is trying to politely end the relationship before it starts, but fun, inviting e-mails that encourage banter and further e-mails are definitely good signs that she is interested.

She asks questions.
If a woman asks questions in her e-mails, she is interested in getting to know more about you.

She sends you pictures.
If a woman sends you pictures of herself, she is inviting you to admire her and ask her out.


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