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Senior Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Senior dating is generally defined as dating for the "over fifties". With the increase in seniors logging on to the Internet it was inevitable that many sites specialising in senior dating and matchmaking would come to the fore. Millions of seniors who have been single for many years, or even many decades, now have the facility to find a new companion online.

Of course the common cause for concern is the knowledge that the world has changed, and that dating etiquette is not what it used to be. Perhaps you are feeling nervous about the prospect of meeting someone again, especially if it's been a long time since you've been on a date. Maybe you've lost a spouse and are feeling a little guilty about the whole thing... if this is the case then try to relax and stop feeling bad. You aren't trying to replace anybody so much as trying to move on with the next stage of your life. It is entirely normal to want to connect with another human being and to feel like you 'belong'. If you yourself have these concerns personally then take heart in the fact that the other people on the sites may well have the same concerns as yourself.

The process of getting an online presence on a senior dating website is very simple. You will need the following...

  • User name - The name which potential partners will see as your "real" name. This doesn't have to actually be your given name if you don't wish it to be.
  • Profile - A short description of yourself, your likes, your hobbies etc.
  • Photos - Select recent and flattering photographs of yourself for others to view on line.

Once you have registered with a senior dating site then your profile will be searchable by other people within the database. If you're worried about security make sure you don't leave any personal details on your profile, including telephone number, address etc.

After a short time you will no doubt receive some sort of communication from potential partners. Remember your manners and reply to them all, even if you’re not interested in meeting with them.

When you get to the first date stage relax and focus on getting to know one another a little better. Make sure you choose a venue where you can talk and enjoy yourselves, preferably where you will be able to share a common interest, hobby or shared value. Just remember that relationships are also based on friendship and well as love and the physical side of things.

Of course you may well be nervous, especially if you’re out of practice. If you’re not sure where to go on the first date then here are some suggestions to help:

  • Go for a picnic.
  • Go dancing.
  • Go for a walk in the country or on the beach.
  • Play a sport you both like, for example golf or tennis.
  • Go to an art gallery or a museum.
  • Go to a local market or an arts and crafts fete.
  • Go wine tasting or sample local produce.
  • Go to a book reading or signing.
  • Play cards.
  • Go to a night class together, for example cookery or watercolours.


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