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Online Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Online dating is a very popular and effective way of meeting new people from all over the world. Conventionally the entire idea of personal ads was seen as something that was quite unusual, and perhaps even bordering on the taboo. However the introduction of the internet has allowed the general perception of online dating to blossom into quite the opposite – online dating has been proven by many happy couples to be a very effective and socially acceptable way of meeting your perfect partner.

Think about it. These days we're all much too busy, much of the time. And then, in that very limited period of free time that you’ve finally earned, what are you going to do? Probably do the grocery shopping or go see your friends. But what happens if you – like literally billions of others – happen to be single. What happens now? You want to meet someone, sure. Of course you do. But with your limited free time where do you start? Where do you go to meet people? Of course there are many ways to meet people; Hit the town, join a club, always look hot when you go to the store? Maybe this works for some people. Maybe. But this is all valuable time and energy isn't it? And what happens if you do actually meet someone by chance? Then we are on the road to discovery. Several dates and much expense later you finally realise that you have nothing in common. And that's it. Game over. Start again. But this is the absolute beauty of online dating... because you get to find out all about the other person before even meeting them.

Consider the benefits. You've just got in from work and you're tired. I mean, really tired. Now normally if you were going to go out on a date to get to know a potential partner that's when the work usually starts isn't it?! Pampering, preening, picking out your best outfit. All the effort in the world when you can be least bothered with it. But then what if you got to go on that date online? No cameras. Just internet chat in the comfort of your own home. So that means getting comfortable with a quart of ice-cream in your night clothes, music on, or whatever else you may want to do. Online dating is quite simply pure hearted good fun with the minimum of effort, suitable for even the busiest of people all over the world.

So now you want to get involved? Good call. And why not! The best place to start when considering starting to online date is to think about what it is that you want from a potential new relationship. There are so many different sites and services available online now, and if you're clever you can find the site that feels most right for you. For example if you live in New York and never want to leave then maybe international dating sites aren't the way forwards. If it is important to you that your online dates have similar interests try looking for sites which promote the kind of things that you love to do. For example if you love walking and nature why not look for sites that specialise in bringing together people who love the outdoors.

Still sound good? Then what are you waiting for? The sooner you start researching the sooner you can get started online dating!


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