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Mobile Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Mobile dating is a way for single people to meet and chat though text messaging, mobile phone calls and the web. The aim of mobile dating services is to introduce singles to new people and potentially beginning a new romantic relationship. Mobile dating is also referred to as cell dating or cell phone dating and has recently become an increasing popular method of singles dating.

With increasing competition between online dating sites the element of mobile dating has been introduced to add a new and fresh approach. The appealing thing about mobile dating is that it adds a certain element of intrigue and suspense as the messages are usually either anonymous or from a previously unknown potential partner. Of course it helps that we are now very much reliant on our mobile phones, and many of us send messages on a daily basis. This makes it easier for people who may be feeling a bit shy or nervous about dating, whether it through a singles dating group, speed dating evenings, or online sites where profiles can be browsed by any of the members of that particular site. Mobile dating allows singles to connect on a more personal level, without the risk of meeting somebody on a face to face level.

As a general rule, mobile dating services can include any combination of the following:

  • One-to-one event flirting
  • Web-to-mobile technology
  • Bluetooth flirting (speed dating specific)
  • Anonymous SMS flirting
  • Anonymous telephone flirting
  • Photo flirting
  • Mobile access to online profiles and dating databases

The way mobile dating works is very simple. A single person saves a brief profile to their cell phone, and this is stored as a 'dating ID'. This identification number can then either be searched for online or through calling a specific telephone number thatís specific to the individual mobile dating service. Once the particular ID number has been identified then the interested single party can contact the other individual.

Hosted mobile dating events can often be more memorable and exciting than more typical events such as speed dating. Recently it has become popular for profiles of potential matches to be sent directly to the mobile phones of singles in a speed dating venue. The participants then exchange messages with each another without any pressure - no need to give out phone numbers or even to say who they are unless they choose to do so!

Mobile dating is a relatively low cost and safe way of meeting new people. This can either be done in a speed dating venue where single people are in the same room, or from the comfort of your own home. It is entirely up to you which method of mobile dating you think would be best suited to your character. Very outgoing people could consider proximity dating. This is where your mobile phone is set up to tell you when you are a certain distance away from another person thatís on the same mobile dating network. This can be a fun night out in a large speed dating forum, where lots of single people are in the same room at the same time!

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