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Match Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Match dating is a term that specifically refers to a precise dating facility which specialises in bringing people together. Providing a focused and individual service a match dating company will take the time to try to help you find your perfect partner.

As with anything there are several different methods involved within a match dating service. Different companies will have their own methods of helping you to achieve your goal and their specific criteria or area of expertise will generally be listed on their websites. Some match services will arrange face to face interviews to get to know you personally, taking the time to meet their clients and then hand select potential matches for you. But more usually these days there are online databases which can be searched to your specific requirements.

You can base your search on all sorts of factors which you can often state yourself. Good examples of this include age range, geographical location, interests, family situation etc. There will be a short survey for you to fill out when you join up with a match dating service. This survey will ask you to state your likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Often you will be asked to rate the importance of certain factors to you. For example is the fact that your perfect partner loves animals 'very important', 'moderately important', or 'non negotiable'. The collection of this information will then help the match dating service providers to work out the things that are most important to you, and to rule out the other people who are unlikely to be your perfect partner.

When it comes to filling out your personal survey it is absolutely essential that you tell the truth. Whatever you do, be honest! By this I mean not only honest about yourself, but also be honest about what it is that you want. It goes without saying that your chances of success with match dating are much increased if you follow this golden rule. Ok you may want long blond hair, but if you ain't got it you're soon going to get caught out!

It is also important to note that you should be realistic within your criteria or wish list. Maybe you’d love to meet a millionaire model with a holiday home in the country and awards for charity work with children, but if you raise your expectations too high it is unlikely that you'll get anywhere productive with match dating services. Try a genie instead, maybe!

Within this advice about being realistic in your search criteria you have to think about how they will look to potential dates. What if you have only put ‘non negotiable’ for a question on the importance of 'wealthy' for a partner's income, and 'non negotiable' for a question on the importance of ‘never work’ for your own career...? You may appear to be a potential money grabber and put people off. Another example is requesting dates with people aged between eighteen and twenty eight when you are thirty five years old. It looks a little creepy and you should pitch at the twenty four to forty age bracket to greatly increase your chances of success.


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