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Love Dating

By Joanne Elliott

Love dating is an art which can much more easily be better understood if it is described as one person taking the time to appreciate the other person. The fact is that the better you know your partner, the more likely it is that you will have a long and meaningful relationship. This rationale stretches from something as seemingly mundane as remembering conversations that you've had about the generalities of the other persons' life, to deeper areas such as their hopes wishes and dreams. The main fact to remember here is that women and men are very different in the way that they act, perceive, and judge.

Women in general are much more interactive on every level. They are much more aware of things like personal space and find it comforting to talk things through with people that they trust. They are also much more aware of things like personal opinions, appearance and body language; and they are more than ready to use these observations as points of reference. A woman will generally trust her intuition before her friends' opinions, but can be fairly easily persuaded into thinking differently, especially if she is unsure about what she really thinks deep down.

In general men are far harder to read than women. They almost never talk things through with their friends and if they so they generally find it distinctly uncomfortable to do so. Men are far more visual than women, and often trust their own opinions, particularly if they are unsure about the situation at hand.

Ways that women show their interest

  • They will usually greet you with lots of smiles and eye contact. This will be carried through the entire time they are with you.

  • They will laugh at your jokes... Even if they aren't particularly funny!

  • They will be very aware if you are talking to any other female apart from your mother.

  • She will physically touch your body during relaxed conversation. Leaning in and touching your arm is a perfect example of this.

  • She will spend more time on her hair, makeup and wardrobe.

  • She will make an effort to take an interest in the things you like, even if they don't particularly interest her - for example football or motor sport.

    Ways that men show their interest

  • They will pay attention to what you are saying and take an interest in the things that are important to you.

  • They will try to make you laugh.

  • He will act in a more thoughtful manner than usual, for example holding the door open for you or taking your coat without being prompted.

  • He will try to protect you, even in the most subtle of ways. A great example of this is walking on the outside of the sidewalk so that he puts himself in between you and the cars.

  • He will offer to carry your bags, even if they're not heavy.

  • He will reach to hold your hand across the table at dinner and will look you straight in the eye.


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