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International Dating

By Joanne Elliott

International dating has become a very normal way of meeting interesting new people from all over the world. Whether you choose to become involved as a way of meeting new people with very different circumstances to yourself, or rather your personal preference is a person of a differing ethnicity, then international dating is definitely the best solution for you.

Beginning the search

When you begin your search you may find that there are several people who take your interest from very different parts of the world. The best place to start when contacting them is an email. Tell them why you have chosen to respond to them in a respectful manner. Be specific to the individual, and never ever do a Ďsend to allí contact email. This is very transparent and is seen as rude.

What do I talk about?

When it comes to topics to talk about possibly the best starting point is talking about the site itself. Think about it Ė it may well be the only thing you initially have in common! If you are on a site with facilities such as chat rooms or blogs then this is also another way of finding out how best to approach your potential love match. Shared topics and shared interests are always a great starting point in any new relationship. For example if you have seen a topic and have read blogs where the individual has made a good point or has a strong opinion that you agree with then this common ground is an opportunity to personalise the initial email.

Dating Manners and Courtesy

You should take the time to think about potential cultural differences between yourself and the person that you are making contact with. This could of course be an additional topic of conversation within itself. If you donít know the specifics then you can either research on the internet or ask the person directly. Of course it depends on the context as to which is more appropriate. For example you could ask outright how the other person welcomes somebody in their culture Ė for example shaking hands, kissing cheeks, bowing, however it is not appropriate to ask more personal questions, especially those relating to any physical activities. This is not only rude but will make you come across as if you are only after one thing.

Getting closer

As you become closer to you contact on the International dating site then it is important to observe sensible ground rules to minimise risk, particularly if you are thinking of meeting. Donít forget that when people have the option of writing they can become anything, or anybody, they want to be. Donít be tempted to just meet without chatting first. A phone or mobile phone conversation is best. This will help you both to establish if the attraction is genuine. And whatever you do always keep your wallet shut. The fact is that the focus should be on two people getting to know each other better, not that one party is to give something to another with nothing in return.


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