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Dating Services

By Joanne Elliott

Dating services are widely available and are very easy to join. Put simply, dating services are a fun and enjoyable way of meeting new people and looking for potential dates with people from all over the world. Dating services offer a fantastic facility where you can browse a huge database of likeminded people from the comfort of your home.

How to start

There are so many different dating services available that you can choose from a great deal of options. Dating sites range from very general social networking facilities to those that are very specific in theme. For example there are specific dating sites for professional people, or for people from just one country or region. There are also numerous dating services that cater for people who are at different stages in their lives, including single parents, divorcees, widowers or seniors. If you are thinking of having a try with a dating service but don't know where to begin the best place to start is with research. Take the time to look through a few sites until you find a dating service that feels comfortable to you. And then when you've found the right one take a deep breath and get yourself joined up!

Joining dating services

Getting started with a dating service is very easy. Usually it's simply a case of registering with the specific company online. Dating services are often free to join although sometimes a small joining fee may be involved. This is often very small and basically helps to finance the running of the site itself. Some dating services offer basic packages that include personal profile space and private email facilities. Others are even more technical, and can include things like chat rooms, forums, a personal messaging service and even video link ups and webcam facilities.

All about you

Once you have registered with your chosen site itís then all about you. Now you get to post your own personal profile online. This is basically a bit of information about yourself and can include as much or as little information as you would like it to. These days dating services also usually encourage you to upload some photographs of yourself to help other people get more of an idea about how you look and what your interests might be.

Now the fun starts...

Once your profile is successfully uploaded on the dating service you can start surfing the site and read profiles of other people on there. You can pick and choose whose profiles you look at and there's no pressure to contact or meet people if you don't want to.

Making contact

When you find a profile of another person that you like the look of the next step is very simple... get in contact with them! Usually the first stage is email. Now a key tip here is to keep it short and fairly impersonal. No intrusive comments or long winded essays. Apart from anything else the other person may not be interested, or could have since found their perfect match through the dating service. Don't waste any time fixating on somebody who doesn't return the sentiment. However when an interested party does reply then take time to think about what you write back to them. Show that you are listening to what they have said and try to progress the conversation as you would if you were sitting across a dinner table.


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