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By Joanne Elliott

Dating profiles are basically a kind of advert for yourself and what you're all about, so obviously it's worth taking the time to get it just right. Before you even start thinking about compiling your personal profile consider two simple things:

A) What sort of person are you, and...

B) What sort of person would you really like to meet?

For example, if you're a quiet introverted person it's no good trying to sound like a party animal because the chances are the people who reply to your dating personals will be entirely incompatible to you. And this defeats the entire object of internet dating, doesn't it?! Here are some handy hints to make your dating profiles just as good as it can possibly be, therefore greatly increasing your chances of success with the opposite sex.

Profile wording

The best way to create the first draft of your personal profile is simply to just start writing as if you were introducing yourself to a good looking friend of a friend at a party. Don't over think it. The wording draft should be natural in tone and honest in content. Be friendly, approachable and interesting... and never forget to run a spelling/ grammar check before you submit it.

Oh and one more thing; be sure to me keep personal info to minimum. There should be absolutely no way for perfect strangers to find out your phone number or where you live without you knowing about it first.


The main photograph on your profile should shout "look at me!" but for the right reasons. Make sure you pick a recent image that makes you look good, but not one that shows you semi-naked next to the pool. You don't want to give off the wrong impression, do you?

Secondary photos can be uploaded as a kind of 'extra' bit of information and insight into yourself. These photos should say 'how interesting am I? You need to get in touch....!'. Good examples of secondary photos would be pictures of you doing activities that you enjoy, or subtly show you achieving something like winning an award or similar.

Golden rules to remember when selecting your photos include not including those taken when you are drunk, nothing that makes you look like you are flaunting yourself, and nothing that you could ever be potentially embarrassed about. You have been warned!

Profile settings

Setting your profile as 'all private' may seem like a good idea if you are uncertain or if you have concerns about security. However, this shouldn't be a problem if you follow the advice about being safe. The obvious downside of keeping your entire profile private is that you won't be 'searchable' and therefore may very well be missed by your perfect match.

Perhaps the best idea is to keep some of your profile private, for example you could restrict access to additional photos. This will create an element of mystery and will certainly help to generate conversation if someone that you think you might like makes contact with you. This is also good advice if there are elements of your life which should not be displayed to just anyone; a perfect example being family photos especially if children are involved.


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