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Dating Advice

By Joanne Elliott

Dating advice can be quite hard to give as a general rule. However these top tips should give you the all-purpose information that you need to begin your search for your perfect partner.

Where to start

  • Find an online dating site that feels comfortable to you. Then you have more chance of meeting like-minded people.
  • Take the time to write your personal profile well. Keep it short, snappy and interesting. Where possible avoid the obvious and never be cliched.
  • When you are posting your photographs think about the image that you want to portray. Look the best you can look without giving too much away. No bathing suit shots!
  • Be selective when choosing your user name. For example 'red hot lover' is a no-no.

Making a connection

  • When someone makes contact with you boost your chances of a repeat response by writing a witty email they want to reply to. Keep it short, interesting, and not weird. Don't try too hard!!
  • Ensure your comments are sensible and don't repeat yourself. Use short sentences and good spacing.
  • Think about the length of your reply. Try to mirror the other person. A long winded essay gives the impression that you have too much time on your hands or are desperate. Too short a reply may make you appear lazy and rude.
  • Consider chatting to the other person on the phone if things are going well.
  • Consider using webcam technology when you can verbally talk and get to know a lot more about the person.
  • Be considerate and respectful of culture and ethnicity.
  • Don't drink when you're writing response emails, especially if you're potentially really interested in the other person.

Going on the first date

  • Take time to choose the right outfit, do your hair, and anything else that makes you feel you look at your best.
  • Meet somewhere you're familiar with and in public. If you feel uncomfortable about the date in any way consider meeting in a group or using the buddy system.
  • Be safe. Don't go into situations where it could be possible that things could get out of hand.
  • If you think you may struggle for conversation consider combining the date with an activity so you have a neutral topic of conversation.
  • Don't give too much away. Personal information should be kept to a minimum on a first date. So no talking about the ex!!
  • Keep an open mind. Be honest. And have fun, and always remember to smile!

After the date

  • Hopefully it went well and you want to meet up again. Just remember that you still donít know the person and don't put yourself in a potentially risky situation, just because you think you know them.
  • If the date didn't go well then don't worry! Let any bad good results let go over your head. There'll be someone better out there for you! People often put off too quickly but the world is a gigantic place, especially when you're online.
  • Don't expect things to happen immediately. This is real life after all and building strong and meaningful relationships takes time!


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