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Blind Dates

By Joanne Elliott

Blind dates are a bit of a gamble because the only thing you can be sure about is you don't know what the other person's like. This can either work very well or backfire terribly, but with blind dates this is the chance that you take!

Perhaps you haven't met anybody for a while and a good friend suggests that they set you up with someone else they know. Of course this person is a complete stranger, and the only reference points you may have will be your friends' opinion, and general facts about that person - such as age, career, and family situation. If you're really lucky, you may even get to see a photo. So what do you do? Take a risk and meet this person? You may be doubtful but this might actually be a really great way of meeting your perfect match.

Think about it. You have been introduced to this person through a friend, a colleague, or through someone else you know. So long as you trust the opinion of your contact then there is a good chance that things may well work. The chances of getting on with your blind date are relatively high, especially if they happen to be from the same social network or have similar interests etc. When you actually get to the date itself this is a good point to remember - you already have something in common (your friend) so you could easily use this topic as an ice breaker in conversation.

In the case of old friends arranging a blind date for you it's very possible that you may even have known your blind date when you were younger, for example at college. This could be a good way of building on existing relationships but just remember that and you are no doubt very different people now. Things change and memory is a funny thing - sometimes we remember people and events differently to the actual reality of things, so don't build your hopes up too high, just in case!

If you decide to go on the blind date then here are some general rules to help make the meeting a success:

Make sure you are comfortable with the proposed venue. Is it somewhere you feel secure going to? Do you like whatever the venue has to offer, especially if it's a restaurant?

Make sure you get to the date on time. If you are late the other person may think you haven't turned up and leave before you get there.

Keep an open mind and make your own opinion of the other person gradually. Don't jump to conclusions as they will generally be the wrong ones.

Make sure people know where you're going and when you'll be back. Simple safety rules apply here even though the other person has essentially been recommended to you by someone you trust.

Take things slowly so that things have less chance of getting difficult if either party has doubts or decides that they don't want to continue the relationship.

And the final piece of advice ... stay positive. If it doesn't work out then it's not a reflection on you. Blind dates are just like any other dates - a way of testing the water with another person to see how well you get on. If it doesn't work out, don't worry! There'll be someone even better out there for you!


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